The Shia Ismaili Muslims are a community of ethnically and culturally diverse peoples living in over 25 countries around the world, united in their allegiance to His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan (known to the Ismailis as Mawlana Hazar Imam) as the 49th hereditary Imam (spiritual leader), and direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family). [www.theismaili.org]

This website exists to support Ismaili Muslims in the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning and other sexual/gender identities) community, as well as our allies. As no official (or unofficial) support system currently exists for queer Ismailis, and the Imam has not expressed any guidance in this regard, it is hoped that this will provide an anonymous forum for discussion to help members of our community through these difficult issues.

Ismaili Queers (IQ) is a global network of individuals who identify with LGBTQ+ orientations who have gathered together to form a community. We participate annually in the Toronto Pride parade, as well as several other Pride celebrations globally, which LGBT+ individuals and allies are encouraged to join. If you would like to join our (hidden, private) Facebook group, or have any questions related to these matters, please contact us at ismaili.queers@gmail.com

Ismaili Queer Support Group

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16 10 2009

To whomever you are, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. I nearly started crying upon actually finding a website when typing the words “Queer Ismaili” into Google for the umpteenth time. I welcome the emerging space, support, and conversation.

-ss 10/16/09

5 11 2009

I think this is amazing, I know being apart of the LGBT community is hard, and I am so proud to know that my ismaili community is recognizing and being open to the LGBT community!


21 01 2010

I agree with the above sentiments, this is wonderful.

6 02 2010

alhamdulillah for these pages! maybe we can work up to having a queer majlis and queer marriage committee soon?

6 02 2010

Thank you for all of your comments! I am sorry it has taken so long to finish the site, but here it is. Now the details are open for discussion and further refinement by all of you. Please spread the word – the goal here is to help as many people as possible.

Your love and support is the fuel that keeps efforts like this going.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

~the queer ismaili

11 02 2010

Hi all,

My name is Rahim and some friends and I have actually started a Facebook group called Ismaili Queers. You can’t search for it as it’s supposed to be a “secret group” so that no one is ‘outed’.

If you’d like an invite to the group, add me to Facebook: rthawer@uwaterloo.ca And pls indicate that you saw this post.

Most ppl in the group are based in Toronto and other parts of Canada. Having members from other countries can only add to the usefulness of the resource.


8 02 2011

Hi Rahim… Ya Ali Madad, Im Rahim too.. but from London. (just thought I’d clarify it for the others)
The thing is I would love to meet and be in contact with other gay ismailis like myself… but I’m not out of the closet yet, and I don’t think I’m ready to let everyone know about my homosexuality. So a private page would be much nicer, where my friends and family cannot see that I am in it.

9 02 2011

Hi Rahim,

I`m in London…would you like to talk? Add me on msn: ricky29@live.com.pt

15 02 2011

just did, thanks.

31 03 2013

my Dear y name sohail and i am suni muslim and i wanna to become ismaili. is it possible if you wanna contact me please note my email address sohailast@hotmail.com

31 03 2013

please mail me on my hotmail Id Thank you any one i wanna to become ismaili

29 09 2013
sharif muhammad

please mail me on my hotmail Id Thank you any one i wanna to become ismaili

19 06 2017


15 07 2017

Hey, I just E-mailed you at rthawer@uwaterloo.ca can you get back to me ASAP and BTW Elliot is not my Real Name I’m too scared to even type it in

11 02 2010

Thanks for the info Rahim, that’s really helpful! Glad to know you came across the site!
There is also a facebook page for The Queer Ismaili, which is public, so for those who feel comfortable feel free to become a fan!

21 02 2010
nasir chagan

I wish there was more info about lgbt and activities on this websire as well to participate or workshops to sensitize the rest of the Ismaili community or are unaware about gay ismailis exist in the diaspora thanks & YAM

24 01 2011

It’s a tall order but there might be an opportunity to do some of that through Social Welfare Board or Youth & Sports Board, etc. You’d need someone to champion the stuff, already be involved, and there might be lots of red tape.

However, you can always use this site to post community resources that aim to educate the larger public on gender and sexual identity, e.g. PFLAG

Click to access Daughters_Sons.pdf

Click to access Faith_Families.pdf

Click to access Be_Yourself.pdf

Click to access Straight_Spouse.pdf

24 02 2010

this is something that is out there and thats fine but please do not turn this into a religous cultural issue. Every religon has these issues but there is a reason it is not addressed.

24 01 2011

Um..I kind of think that being hidden is part of a larger system of oppression that disadvantages queer people – so we’re addressing it, sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.

I would argue that there would rightfully be a place for a whole spectrum of gender and sexual identities if our religion and culture weren’t historically patriarchal and classist–both of which are now changing so it only makes sense that we look to ourselves as active participants in creating a space within our cultural context that represents who we are.

Also, as Ismailis with a diverse jamat from different parts of the world and different traditions, we know that culture is constructed and inextricably intertwined with religious practice. These concepts cannot exist in a vacuum.

24 02 2010

fair doos but dont bring religion into itt. oh well another reason for ismailis to get more stick (Y) but yeh pluralism and everything i just think this is a rellii finee topic dont reli no wot to say bit shocked with the whole ‘queer ismailis’
and why keep your group so secret? not reli fulfilling the purposee then. u gota come out.. ;P

24 02 2010

Great site!

I’m a straight Ismaili but have many lgbt friends…Ismaili and non. I think it’s great that you have created this website for the community.

I’ve always wondered how the accepting the Ismaili community is of those who come out. From what I have seen most families are quite accepting but would love to hear some personal experiences if anyone would like to share.

Good luck with the site. Im sure it will help many.

24 02 2010

There should never be a queer majlas that. Being whatever you are is fine dont mix it with religon please.

4 03 2010

Al-hamdu li ‘l-Lah, indeed! As an undergrad Islamic studies major myself, I also have been grappling with this issue personally for a long time. While many of us begin with citing foundational concepts such as pluralism, diversity, and tolerance, the fact is that even historically consistent interpretations of the Qur’an regarding sexuality are linguistically and phenomenologically prone to soliciting more diverse and presently applicable discussion (one of the many benefits of studying Classical Arabic). Often many traditional Islamic views regard dynamic interpretations of Islam as apologetic to contemporary ‘Western’ social and cultural norms. However, we know through history that many religions HAVE sought to address these issues from within (and for Islam, also external to) its own set of symbols, language, and experiences. Whether those who spoke most prominently on this issue were successful in their attempts to persuade others is still a variable argument that many often cast aside as being purposefully and permanently ‘tabled.’ This is often the reason why many claim that no religion wishes to ‘address’ this issue. Yet less frequently publicized and other nuanced opinions do have their place in both history and today.

Nevertheless, while the evidence for how one should seek acceptance of community, religious figures, God, oneself through an unconventional/less normative lifestyle is not explicit within the public sphere, a faithful yet critically perceptive understanding of our ethics and tradition within its context can be a powerful tool to finding personal reconciliation with those elements with which we seek rapport in the current age. So while examples of more inclusive Tariqah rites may be contested, the intention behind such desires could be understood as a call to address the broader disparities individuals perceive in seeking ‘mutually beneficial’ relationships and thus formulation of an individual’s identity. (And we all know these elements are perceived as essential to many people. One does not even necessarily need the Qur’an or Hazir Imam to inform them of that. Thus I hope more people will be able to understand the plight of individuals in these situations.)

14 03 2010

Are you all in Canada? Well done on the site. Good luck.

27 03 2010

Long overdue- great work:)

30 03 2010

Hello all. I live in the States but have a ton of family in Canada. Happy to know that a site exists. Now if there was a way to meet up, talk, and socialize, that would be awesome. email is ghm101@live.com for those of you interested in communicating. Will not be checking this site out much. Thanks and YAM.

19 05 2010

You saw what happened to Syed in Eastenders! Do you want the same to happen to you?!

15 06 2010
Jalaledin Ebrahim


I am a straight Ismaili (soon to be licensed psychotherapist, Inshallah). I have close friends and distant family members who would self-identify as gay/lesbian. I also know of a transgender Ismaili whose Mom is a very close friend. I fully support your civil, human and equal rights to exist, to be counted as fellow seekers of light and most of all to thrive!

Love, light and shadow,
Jalaledin Ebrahim

16 08 2010

I am a gay Ismaili man in Tanzania. Sorry for the rather dirty email name. If any of you are visiting Dar Es Salaam, i would love to meet over dinner or coffee and discuss further on these issues.

my email on gmail is bestcock999@gmail.com


29 08 2010

Great job with this website. Is it possible to have a discussion board on this website so we can share stories or experience and help each other with such issues.

29 08 2010

That was what this comment section was meant to be, however we will work on making a new page solely for discussion purposes – thanks for the advice!

30 08 2010

Yeah, I wanted to suggest this because currently I am on an online support group. The website allows you to make different groups and then within the specific group you can start new topics with questions or advice. I found this really helpful when I was really confused and was looking for answers. At that time, I really wished that there was an ismaili discussion group like this. It’s confidential and nice way just to meet others in the same situation! The website is dailystrength.org 🙂

2 09 2010

Hello All….Im ismaili and I live in Portugal, I would love to talk and meet people ismaili over a coffee or dinner and share opinions about this issue and who knows to build a friendship. Please feel free to email me if u re interested. ricky29@live.com.pt

16 11 2010

hey add me to MSN/HOTMAIL letsget to know each other

5 01 2011
Azim Karim

Thanks for creating this website. Happy New Year to all. Azim in Vancouver, BC

8 02 2011

Hi, well I was thinking if anyone happens to be in London or is here already, I would really like to meet up and discuss some issues or questions I may have or share my opinions with you guys.
Drop me a message.

21 08 2015

Hey Rahim, feel free to drop me an email at heyemailmenow@gmail.com. London based and guess in a similar situation to you. YAM

13 02 2011

For those who are on Facebook, please see this discussion post to find out more about an Ismaili queers support group based in Toronto but reaching all parts of the globe!


For those without Facebook, we will be posting the information on this site in the near future. Stay tuned!

13 02 2011
23 02 2011


13 12 2012

hindu name?

7 01 2012

I m not Ismaili… but it is so good to see such a page. Well done guys!

6 04 2012

We as Ismailis are not BOLD ENOUGH to live it up karanke… mummy ne daddy kuro chondha…. maru kuro boldha…

Live it up. I am Ismaili and everyone knows i am gay. I am very choosy as to whom I speak to and…

On Lail Tul qadre night… I get invited toed to six jamatkhanas in my region to sing ginans.

Find your balls. Life is toooooooo short.

And if someone asks you how come you are not married, say ‘how come Prince Amynmohammed is not married? Prince Rahim has a boyfriend?’ and why do you ask this question looking down at my bulge?

14 05 2012

Its wonderful to know that such a group exists in our community. I am a married man and want to start a divorce process. Can anyone suggest me how should I proceed. Thanks.

25 05 2012

charity begans at home.start ur practise at home.

14 05 2012

Its overwhelming to know that such a group exists in a community. I am a married man and want to start a divorce. Can anyone suggest how should I go about it. Thanks.

9 07 2012

Send me a direct email and we’ll chat. ismaili.queers@gmail.com

19 05 2012

YAM, were can i meet gay Ismaili’s males? I am 33 years old and know its time to seek out and enjoy the Ismaili life. I know it does not sound right, i have not been to JK in 3 years.. I just want to know if there is a JK or some other area i can meet, chat, talk to others. Please help,

9 07 2012

Right or wrong isn’t always so clear cut. Send me a private email and we can talk about where you might find a sense of community and perhaps a partner


25 05 2012

i am 18 yers old.n i think i am bisexual,i am attracted to girls but i have realise that i am also physically attracted towards good looking guys!!! what to do i am depressed. i hate my self.

12 11 2012

what happen

27 05 2012

I saw this on Twitter and came here to say this is a great idea. I myself am not part of the LGBTI2QQ community, but that does not mean I can’t support people’s right to be themselves. I wish this group every success

5 07 2012

nice to know about this site.. plz add me az.khan555@gmail.com

9 07 2012

We don’t have a listserv but rather a ‘secret’ Facebook group. If you’re on fb, send me a quick email and we’ll talk about adding you to the group


15 08 2012

intersesting site, i am in toronto as well, who wants to have a coffee, get together and chat. I live in richmond hill, and would like to make some like minded friends.

23 11 2013

Email me sometime I live in ottawA.

15 08 2012

oh my email: mortalica@hotmail.com

21 08 2012
Ali K

Hello everybody,

I am an Arab guy interested in meeting other gay Ismaili guys in Vancouver. I’ve recently discovered that such group of people exist (Ismailis) and I gotta say I find them very interesting, probably one of the closest to my culture and values.
If anyone is from Vancouver, say Hi!


11 10 2017

Salaam and Hello Ali. I live in Burnaby, BC and if you r interested, email me at mojan55@ymail.com and will go from there. I just bumped into
this site today. Thanks

14 10 2012

Are there any teenagers a part of the ‘secret’ Facebook group? (I don’t want to be the only one on there)

14 10 2012

There are a handful of teenagers, at least that I’ve seen 🙂

14 10 2012

Great website. Anyone in Vancouver, BC?

30 10 2012

Great job and Great Site, I m from south africa, anyone around frm africa to chat more and share thoughts….pls email me on

I was always wondering that am i the only gay man in the jamat, was even scared to connect and communicate to other guyz in jamat…..but now after visiting this site i m getting all the positive feelings that there is somebody like me, for me and with me….

Lot of luv n good luck guyz…

12 11 2012

hi to every one i am fahim belong from karachi, i am mechanical engineer and believe in humenism if any person want friendship with to me kindly contact on my e mail is fahimbari@yahoo.com

13 11 2012
Michael Lublin

To my dear brothers and sisters of “another faith”! Keep the faith, keep true to the Lord and to your family and community. Keep hope alive and remember, it does get better. With love from your Jewish brother, Michael. (please feel free to make contact if you wish – Lublin@aristafranchising.com

27 11 2012
Marlin Austin

Hi Great website, anyone from Illinois USA email me marlinaustin@gmail.com.

3 12 2012
Marlin Austin

Is this group is active cause I emailed to ismaili.queers@gmail.com to this email address 6 days ago and hasn’t received any reply yet?

10 04 2013

hay really appriciate this group iam Phia a transgender from karachi pakstan

19 04 2014

Hi Phia,

I m trans FTM from karachi as well pls contact me

28 06 2013

Anyone in Vancouver, BC?

9 07 2013

This is awesome! Wish there was a way to stay in touch too!

12 07 2013

Yam Rahim,

Thanks for such a great info, I m from Pakistan and belong to lgbt community, I m going to add you on fb in a while to talk further

Regards / Mani

12 07 2013

Yam Rahim

Thanks for your such a great info

I m from Pakistan and belong to LGBT community, I m going to add you on fb to discuss more with you

Regards / Mani

12 07 2013

Unable to find you on fb 😦

15 07 2013

Anyone from Canada, Vancouver BC to be more specific?

Contact me at alialkhalisi@gmail.com

25 07 2013

Wish there was a date site for us!

10 10 2013
Joy Bangla

Allahu Abha!
I’m a gay Baha’i from Khulna, Bangladesh. I support your efforts. Well done! Keep it up!

17 11 2013


17 11 2013

hi! everyone
khushi here! after a long time I got a nyc site for ismaili community persons. hope to found nyc friends on it:-)

13 12 2013

26 year old guy in toronto looking for casual fun and friendship with others. anyone interested in sparking a conversation?

my email address: kinghtoronto@yahoo.com

28 12 2013

Please I am 41 and down in the dumps here in Tanzania :(. Please add me as a friend on Facebook: Yaseenkhallulah.

I would love to meet with Ismail guys and like to share experiences.

My email: yaseenkhallulah@gmail.com

2 01 2014
ZJ Ismail

It really warms my heart to see such a progressive movement towards acceptance and love coming from a religion that promotes just that. As an Ismaili, I feel so fortunate to be in a community that truly changes with the time, and to have a leader to decipher the message in a contemporary setting. And though I’m not Catholic, I still truly respect and love all other religions and culture, and felt so hopeful and excited to see the Pope embrace the gay community now too!

I think that its so silly and trivial to point fingers at someone because they love differently from you. I cannot imagine a God that would promote anything but love for one another. At the end of the day, why is that even anyone else’s concern? Why does it matter to anyone other than the people involved? Why does anyone think they have the right to judge any other person.

When I was younger, religion used to be place to find tranquility, to restore the belief in good and right, to believe in love, to believe in community. As I’m getting older, I’m more aware of the debates and discussions, the judgement that others holds, and a stubborn resistance to being open-minded. I had given up hope until I saw this website.

The way I see it, my side of this fight promotes more love, and the other side promotes more hate.

Just want to say that I am so proud of this organization; its such a courageous and bold move, and I think its exactly what we need. And I hope to support this group in anyway I can =)

21 02 2014

I find that I am a person of interest. Why do I as a gay Ismaili attract so much attention? I sit in khana and try to contemplate who I am. I still question who am I to think such things, but I only find one answer. I am me. Who are they to define you? Let us be us.

-Dallas tx

5 03 2015


18 04 2014

This is such a great idea, it’s nice to know that there are other people and organisations out there that are/support the Ismaili LGBT community. I have actually never encountered another “queer Ismaili” before but this website has certainly given me some reassurance/comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one:)

18 04 2014

Feel free to email us at ismaili.queers@gmail.com and we can chat about how you might get more involved and connected to the community in your region, if you’re comfortable with that.
Hope you’re well.

13 04 2015

Dear Aleena,
I want to talk about LGBT ismailies. If you don’t mind please send me your email id so we can chat about it.

19 04 2014


Anyone from Karachi – Pakistan you can contact me


10 11 2014
Ithna ashari brother

God bless you all!!!
From the bottom of your Ithna Ashari brother’s heart I want to send you all my my warmest salutation and want to tell you never doubt God’s love for everyone and never underestimate our mawla’s love!!!
Ya Ali Madad!!! Be yourself and be proud, Ali is by your side!

18 12 2014

Iam a gay ismaili in Ottawa, Canada.You can contact me at ajassani@outlook.com……Amin.

22 12 2014

you can email me at ajassani@outlook.com. I am a gay ismaili in Ottawa canada.

5 03 2015

Hey i m from india but rt now in usa i m still confused who am i what am i any suggestioj guys i m male if any one from usa and read these plz msg me lanestyle@yahoo.com i m ismaili too

8 02 2015
Karima Ladhani

i would like to know more about events you have organized in Toronto i.e. South Sector.

Thank you

8 02 2015

Hey Karima,
Send me a quick email at Ismaili.queers@gmail.com

26 02 2015

I am straight but would like to congratulate queer Ismaili for this initiative.I hope more and more people will join the forum. It will only make people feel better about themselves and hopefully will lift the veil of ignorance prevalent in the society.
I was born Ismaili but have left recently upon researching religions of the world including Islam and Ismailism. The only religion I now belong to is humanity. Whether people are queer or straight does’nt matter to me.
I wish to leave you with a thought, why has’nt the Imam provided you with his position on the such an important issue?
Remember he is the guide sent by Allah (to some he is Allah himself). If he will not educate the ignorant, who will?
Would’nt it be wonderful if, on his next Deedar, was to tell the jamat that they should come out of their shells and accept that Gays and Lesbians are also Allah’s creation, and they deserve the same dignity and respect that any other human being enjoys!!
I suspect he will not do it, even if he was requested!!
It is a big No No in Islam!!
Guys, your problem is you believe in equal rights of Gays, Lesbians and other marginalized people and at the same time believe in the Imam, who does’nt share your sentiments.
Reason: Religion does not accept equality!!
Good luck!!

26 02 2015

if you believe Ismaili leaders should support you and make an announcement openly accepting share your thoughts with us at lif.ismailis@gmail.com

5 03 2015

Anyone from usa male i m male plz reply me at my email lanestyle@yahoo.com i m ismaili

5 03 2015

To all on this site. I am not gay, BUT I totally support the Ismaili Gay community, and sincerely believe that it is NOT a sin. Why? because in our prayers, we recite that Allah is the most beneficent and the most merciful. So there is no sin. Also, we believe, thru our Imam, that there is not conflict between science and religion. Since being Gay is inborn, and proven with science, being Gay, is, indirectly accepted by Ismailis.

13 04 2015

I am Asim living in a Muslim country, here it’s very difficult to show our identity to social community or family member. Nobody wants to accept what we are. Their is too much pressure for marriage and can’t tell why we are refusing for marriege with girls. Is thier in Canada also ismailies faces the same problems?

26 03 2016

Hey Asim,
I’m an Ismaili living in the US and I will tell you it was difficult to come out to my family. Both my parents are Ismaili and have been very involved in the community, and my dad was very accepting while my mom was not. However, America has become a very accepting and open-minded region of the world and it is much easier to be accepted here than in Muslim countries. There are many resources online that you can approach about homosexuality or queerness that will help guide you through whatever issues you may be facing. I am not sure if this is only available in the US, but a popular resource is The Trevor Project. Just search for it online and you will see a large community of people and a hotline to call when you’re in need of help. Hope I could help!

30 04 2015
tahira. sissique

Yam my name is tahira i live in racine wi. Feel alome. Because my town is very small only one ismaili family. Lives here. I am just looking for a good ismaili musli.m woman to be my friend just to say hi. Just friendship noting else.

6 05 2015
tahira saddiquetahira. sissique

My name is. Tahira i live in racine wi i am ismali muslim i need a friend to talk.

6 05 2015
tahira saddiquetahira. sissique

Yam my is tahira i am looking for a good frimfriend to talk about family. And ismaili people.

29 06 2015
evi allon

I’m looking for a lesbian muslim girl upto 30 years old to meet her in my october vacations.
Evi Allon, 23, Switzerland –> ev_happy@web.de

23 07 2016
Sonja McDonell

This is my now married sister. My e-mail is sonjamcdnell@yahoo.com

30 06 2015

YAM. I came across this beautiful gay Ismaili wedding ceremony of an Ismaili boy and his new husband. Too good not to share. Smiles from London 🙂

21 12 2015

The labels we attach or cling to are but ego-related and really have nothing to do with the soul, unless they cause harm. So, religion, job title, orientation, political affiliation, etc., are limited in the 3rd dimension of existence. If we as a society put too much emphasis on such things, we lose sight of our spiritual life and this is very vital now, at this time and into the future.

22 02 2016

Ya ‘Ali Madad! You are all fabulous.

11 03 2016

i want to become ismaili muslim and want to accept prince karim as my imam somebody help me..wuhaque1@gmail.com..please somebody contact me…

11 03 2016

wulhaque1@gmail.com is myemail and i want to become ismaili before becoming death nobody is helping me..

15 03 2016

What is it about? I mean being gay?

26 03 2016

So this website is to build a community for LGBT Ismailis, particularly those who are still closeted or living in secret because of fear of the reaction when they do reveal who they really are. Now the LGBT+ community comprises of many types of people, but if you are asking specifically about what it means to be gay, in the case of a man, it is when a man is naturally attracted to other men, physically and emotionally, instead of women. The same applies to women. Gay women (also known as lesbians) are women who are born naturally attracted to other women instead of men. Hope I could help you in your understanding of the LGBT community.

30 06 2016
Mohamed Kheraj

Hey ya ali madad
i am 18 year old ismaili guy
and im gay too
i need some help how to come out to my family

they seem to be kinda supportive but im not sure
and i have problems signing up on this website too
ive registered my email address bt i haven’t got any activation mail

its around 00.10 hours here
hope i get the activation mail till morning

6 08 2016

I suggest you to share it with your sibling first you have!

15 07 2016
Sonja McDonell

I’m Sonja McDonell, lesbian, 24, Flight Attendant Swiss Airlines. I’m looking for a tender longtime friendship with a muslim girl ~ in my age. Inexperienced isn’t a problem. We can meet us always in my vacations. Please let me know when you’re interested, also in sonjamcdonell@yahoo.com

4 08 2016
Danish Damani

Are there any recent guidance over this matter?

10 08 2016

Guys make a secret FB group to interact with fellow bi/gay ismailis.🤗👍

12 09 2016

Are there any guidance on this matter?

12 09 2016

People need alot of clarity on this matter Zoran!

13 09 2016

I support you all as an Ally. Keep strong. Culture and tradition are strong forces that can cause issues, not only for the LGBTQ community.

Let me know if I can help.

IIS Scholar

17 09 2016

My name is Asim I am 36 yr old and living in Kuwait right now. It’s a great site to share which we can’t share to our family and friend. I am Pakistani and divorced last year, not because I am gay. Because of family tensions and some internal problems. My sex life with my wife was ok and I married because of family pressure because they don’t know what I am and I can’t say to any body. Living in Muslim country and as Ismaily it’s very difficult to be like this. I was 8/9 yr old when some 18/19 yr old boys start to using me and at the age of 17 I realize that I am completely gay. And now again my parents wants my marriege and I am searching a lesbian lady who can understand me and who can enjoy her life and I also can enjoy my life. Some times I am thinking that if I told some one that time at the age of 8/9 then might be my life could be different. But no complains whatever I am, I am.
If any lesbian girl Ismaily, divorced, visored have family pressure to marry again can contact me might be we can help each other’s and make a good family. I want to know that am I doing the right thing or my 2nd decision not to marry and still keep secrete is right thing. Please guide me.

18 10 2016

Hi my name is Peter.
I would love to speak to someone there. Are u located in Ottawa at all.

4 03 2017

It’s all good You are a good ismaili your personal relationship are non issue

20 03 2017

How can I contact Queer team ?

20 03 2017

Please contact ismaili.queers@gmail.com. Thanks!

27 06 2017

I contacted but didnt get any response :/

20 03 2017
Rahim Thawer
12 05 2017

Hello. I am Ismaili in 50s, not gay, but you have my full support.

31 05 2017

Hi all,
im an ismaili 36 from mumbai india migrating to canada and usa or western countries where i can practice my long term relationship marriage with ismaili guy preferably,
is there anyone looking for long term?
lets get to know each other?
queers team pls help me out
im sending you email too with my details

31 05 2017

if anyone interested email me at credence.amir@gmail.com

10 06 2017

is this group active still?i have sent email but didnot got reply yet?

10 06 2017

any ismaili looking for bf or life partner?im single 38 looking for gay marriage or life partner pls email me amiraliminsariya@gmail.com

12 07 2017
Gao Sai

Hello, My name is Gao ( fake name) from Yemen Currently, asylum seeker in Tanzania. I left my country due to the devastated situation. I had a terrible came out story due to depression. At that time I couldn’t take any rational decisions. Alhamdulillah I am okay now. We all know how it’s difficult to live as a gay in homophobic community. I hope to find my future husband and be able to live a spiritual life. I love Imam Ali a.s and his holly family peace be upon them. Since childhood I was taught the guidance of ahlybait and their divine teachings. I don’t want to give up my faith because of false beliefs. I am proud to be Shia and follow their path. Allah loves us. To those who are going through hard times, I just want to tell them that you are not alone. We always should be thinking positively to achieve what we want. We have a very beautiful bright future ahead of us. In the end I only want from everyone not to give up or stop doing Duaa. YAM

17 10 2017


Award Winning producers Finestripe Productions are seeking contributors for a new documentary TV series for BBC TWO .

Have you ever considered becoming a co-parent or would like to know more about it?

Are you ready to have a child or starting the process of finding a co-parent?

Have you already found a co-parent and are planning to get pregnant?

Are you and your co-parent already expecting a child?

If any of this applies to you or someone you know, please contact me:


or visit our website: http://www.finestripe.com/casting/

Ya Ali Madad


18 10 2017

Ya Ali Madad. My name is Tasneem.
I am looking for LGBT people or couples who want to raise a child through co-parenting in the UK.
BBC two is making this sensitive TV documentary to tell the story of many people who are turning to co-parenting as a way of being a parent. We are already filming with two gay couples who will have their biological child (through IVF) with their heterosexual female friend. We need more stories to share with our tv viewers.
Please get in touch ASAP: tasneem@finestripe.com

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